7-Days of Positive Quotes

Social Media Sparkle!

Last Sunday, I spent a gorgeous afternoon with my husband, son, and dog, in the woods having a tasty picnic and feeling the warmth of a rare English sun on my skin. It was one of those days when everything just felt easy.  Later that evening, I sat in my living room and started scrolling through my Facebook feed. It is amazing how in less than 10-minutes, I was drained.  My feed was actually quite negative that day.  I think the world in general could use a little sprinkle of positivity. So I decided to start posting a 7-days of positive quotes. Quotes are extremely powerful; it’s all about replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.  You never know that the positive quote you post, might be read by somebody that really needs something inspirational at that particular time.  Here is how I did mine:  Day 1- Day 2… the date, the quote, then I nominated and tagged people from my friends list, finally I uploaded a picture of the quote and posted it. That’s it.  I am overwhelmed at how my Facebook feed looks in just a few days, it is buzzing with light and positivity. So, if you think you could use a little glitter on your page…try this out!