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icebergAs a writer, I pay attention to people. The way they talk. How they act. The way they move.

In movies, our eyes and ears take in actions immediately, but writing actions and characteristics can be pretty tough, it is my job to deliver images I see in my head to my readers.

How many times have you received an email that comes across as abrupt? Only to meet the person and find out they are not actually that bad, after all.  Sometimes it is not the content of a message but how it is delivered that counts, I am sure you have heard the phase: ‘It’s not what you say, but how you say it.’ 

Character inspiration, for me, comes from all sorts of places.  From people I know, and don’t know, and of course, famous people.  Don’t annoy me, because I can always write you into my next novel. Who knows what your destiny could be?  I can be standing in line at the supermarket and meet my next character(s) or I can hear a song and suddenly have an idea for my next scene, or book, the mind of a writer never shuts up. I think that is why many of us have insomnia and survive on enough caffeine to stock up our local Coffee House!

So, let me talk about my character inspiration for my debut novel: Till Death Us Do Part

Blog Post 31st May teasersMy teasers:  Credit to Kim Black for delivering my vision with perfection



The woman at the centre of Till Death Us Do Part is Brit Mimi Marcus,  married to U.S Marine, Joel Marcus. Born and raised in the U.K to cockney Londoner, Simon, and Thai mother Kanchana.

My image of Mimi is athletic and beautiful. Her eyes as deep as her soul. Mimi was created by using tiny character pieces of strong women I have encountered.  She goes through a life changing process, her world explodes, people so close to her become strangers overnight.  Some may question her decisions, some may relate, but at the end of the book.  Ask yourself, what would you do if you were Mimi?


Joel was one of my favourite characters to write about. Just when you think you got him figured out, something else would rise to the surface and make you question everything! My critics have said, who Joel is at the start of the novel is not who he is later, and I gave no hints towards his darker side.

There are two reasons for this…firstly he is a man with secrets, I wanted my readers to feel the emotions that Mimi felt when she discovered he wasn’t the man she thought he was.

How could you feel that emotion if I had already told you, or hinted? 

Secondly, those who go into the military never come out the same again. Especially those who have been on the frontline. War changes men and women who serve their country. It changes families. Joel suffered from PTSD. I wanted to raise awareness of just how serious this can be. Whether you decide you love Joel or not, I want you to know that although he made mistakes he wasn’t evil. He was a man with too many secrets to keep up with!


Dark, moody, cowboy. Aloof, and hot as hell. A dad, willing to go to the ends of the earth for the love he has for his little boy, Jake.  Austin is a black and white guy. He says it like it is. But, past the hard exterior is a man with a golden heart, love, and ironically honour. He is a ranch man that needs wide open spaces to feel alive.
It’s hard to get into Austin’s heart, but when you do, he won’t let you go. He’s the true hero in this story.

Every woman wants her own Austin…

Actor Inspiration!

Movie inspireGoogle images:  Cristina Slough does not own the rights to these pictures.

Mimi:  Shay Mitchell

Joel:  Zac Efron

Austin:  Scott Eastwood


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