Overcoming Writers Block

Blank Page on the beachEvery writer under the sun knows about writers block.  You sit down to write and a blank screen or page stares back at you, like a thick blanket of snow that you just can’t seem to move past.  You could say, go away and just come back to it another day…although that can sometimes be the answer, it isn’t always the answer.

How do you think your supervisor would react if you called in to say you were not coming to work as you were just not feeling it?

Not everything that I write is intended to be submitted for future projects.  I have written material that will never see light of day…the key thing to remember is the mind is a powerful tool that you have to keep nourishing.

So, how do I overcome writers block?

It happens, more often than I would like.  Even when I have a really great idea in my head, it can sometimes be difficult for me to get it down on paper!


This is why I use music; some writers need to have complete silence, but not me.  Music inspires me, if I am writing an upbeat scene, I will play an upbeat song, if I am writing a romantic scene then I play a romantic song…music puts me in the zone.  My first book had a playlist, and I know that all the rest of my future books will too.

Getting out and about

If I don’t get out and about, my writing suffers.  I become stagnant.Yosimite

As a writer, my senses are often heighted; I listen to the way people speak, watch the way things move, how people act, the expressions on faces, everything around me is story material.  So, whether it’s a walk in my local town to people watch, or a trek with nature, or exploring a new country, getting out of the house gives me fuel to write!


A thousand words picCapturing a thousand words in one click!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I am forever taking photos, taking pictures allows me to capture a moment in time so I can go back to it and put that picture into a thousand words.



girl readingRead

Probably one of the easiest ways in which to overcome writers block is to read…read…and keep reading.  To be a writer you have to be an avid reader, the two go hand in hand.  Finding an author that you  love and admire can be incredibly inspiring, and may give you a kick up the backside to get back to your own storytelling!