My Motivation Techniques #LifeBooksWriting

Great IdeasHaving a dream is one thing, but turning it into a reality is a different beast entirely. The most important thing to have is the motivation to make your dreams a reality.

It all seems really easy, say when you are you are away on holiday. The sun is shining, you’re relaxed, and re-charged. But when you return home and the demands of daily life start weighing heavily on you… it can be so easy to lose motivation.

As an author staying motivated is a daily exercise.  For me, writing comes from the heart. My writing is very character driven, and it is my job to give them a voice.  It is not always easy to sit down and write!

I’m a mother of a two year old, pet owner of 4 cats, two rabbits, and a dog.  Did I also mention that I have a busy day job in a hospital too?  Yeah my life can be pretty crazy, and at the end of the day (very often) I just want to have a hot shower, throw on one of my many sets of PJ’s and watch something trashy on TV. But if I did that every night, I’d never write, and then I’d be letting go of my dreams—that just won’t do.

“When you want something badly enough, you will find a way to make it happen.  If you don’t you’ll always find an excuse.” Tony Soprano

Knowing my dream…

A dream is something that fills my heart’s desire.  It is something that makes me smile.  My dream was always to become a published author, I made sure that dream was going to come true!

I surrounded myself with cheerleaders

There are going to be a thousand people that say you can’t.  Many people are afraid of going outside of their comfort My Amazing Wifezone, they prefer to stay in the life they know.  It can be especially hard for people to pursue their dreams when they have no support around them.  I am so lucky to have an amazing support network, my family have always spurred me on to write…even when I didn’t write a single word for years.  I’m in my 30’s now, and what I have come to realize is that it is not quantity but quality; so I surround myself with people who nurture my dreams, and don’t quash them.   My husband is the one who has to deal with the occupational hazards of having a wife who writes, I’m forever shooting him e-mails, asking what he thinks of an idea I’ve had. I wake him up in the middle of the night, and he entertains our son whilst mummy squeezes in some writing time on the weekends. I have friends and family who read the first draft to the last draft…

I make a schedule and I stick to it

If I say that I am going to spend a morning/evening writing. That is what I do.  Believe me, like I said I don’t always feel like doing it, but when I actually push myself and stick to a plan, I feel pretty good about it.

Surround myself with pretty stationary

I’m a sucker for stationary.  I really can’t walk Paperchase without going in to buy something.  Remember when you began a new work book at the start of a school term? A fresh page.  A new beginning.  A world of possibilities.  Well that is how I feel about stationary, they are the tools that allow me to do the thing I love the most and write, that is a great motivation for me.


I touched on this topic in my last blog post.  Music is so inspiring to me.  I kind of think about my keyboard as a piano when I write, my words create a story, music is not to dissimilar.  Only, I’ll keep my singing voice reserved for the bathroom!

Other authors

I have many authors that I love and admire.  They are so inspiring to me.  I try to read as much as I can, and learn from every single book I read.


I am a huge movie buff.  I admit some of my favorite inspirational quotes come from Rocky.  The Rocky story is full wisdom, yes, it may be corny, but there is nothing wrong with that!

Being a mum!

Becoming a mum meant that I was going to help carve out the future for my little boy.  I want to look him in the eye and tell him that he can be anything that he wants to be.  I can tell him that with conviction now… because mummy followed her dreams!