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   Theimg_0183 big reveal

Here is the cover to my second novel.

I am so in-love with it. What do you guys think?

The release date is on January 24th. Not too long to go. As I mentioned in my last post, this story focuses on domestic violence, and for every copy sold, I will be donating some of my royalties to The Katie Piper Foundation (see below.) If you hop across to my Facebook page: you can enter a giveaway for a chance to win a signed copy. I will ship internationally, so what are you waiting for?

I hope that you will fall in-love with this book, and enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it!



The Official Blurb


On the surface, Gaby Parker has it all; however, behind closed doors, is a woman who lives in constant fear of the man who was supposed to love her: her husband, Kyle. Beaten, desperate, and broken, Gaby realizes the only way to escape from her violent husband is to kill herself — on paper. Gaby is dead, and Riley Locklin is born, residing in the tranquil coastal town of Chesswick Bay Montauk where she hopes to start over and meets a man who shows her bruises aren’t kisses. Meanwhile, back home, Kyle is doing everything in his power to prove Gaby isn’t dead. But…police find her burnt-out car and remains? Kyle isn’t buying it; he knows she’s still alive. He launches his own full investigation to find his wife — and he’ll stop at nothing to claim her back. A female Detective assigned to his wife’s case doesn’t like him very much after discovering a domestic violence report – scorned by the history of her mother’s domestic abuse, she’s determined to send Kyle down for his wife’s murder. And then he finds her. Will Gaby finally take a stand?


The Katie Piper Foundation

I have followed Katie’s story ever since her story broke back in March 2008. Katie was attacked in a busy London High Street in broad daylight; sulphuric acid was thrown in her face. It transpired that her attack was arranged by her ex-boyfriend. Katie has undergone numerous operations, her journey was painful. In her book: Beautiful she described her heart-breaking true story of the vicious attack that changed her life forever.KPF

The thing that I have always loved about Katie is her strength, she came out of an absolute horrific situation, and turned it into something truly inspiring. I have read all of her books, and watched her documentaries. But rather than hide away forever, Katie decided to become a philanthropist and set up The Katie Piper Foundation, click here for details:

I can honestly say that Katie is somebody I have the upmost respect and admiration for!


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You can pre-order Nelumbo Nucifera today, it will be avaiable on kindle and paperback.

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It has beeimg_1453n a while since I posted, but there is good reason for it. I am super excited to tell you that I have completed my second novel: Nelumbo Nucifera. It is set for release in January 2017, with Bella Tulip Publishing.

Let it be known that I do not shy away from subject matters about raw human emotion. Nelumbo Nucifera focus’ on domestic violence and there is a lot of darkness in this story, and a lot of hope too!

When I started out with this novel I really had no idea which way it was going to go… but as I started researching and talking to real women that have been abused, it was as though somebody had flicked on a switch. I wanted to write a story for abused women that would offer: strength, courage, and hope.

‘The unofficial blurb!’

img_1455On the surface, Gaby Parker has it all; however, behind closed doors is a woman who lives in constant fear of the person who’s supposed to love her the most: her husband, Kyle.

Beaten, desperate, and broken, Gaby realizes the only way to escape from her abusive husband is to kill herself—only not by stopping her beating heart, but by changing her identity.

When she escapes to a coastal town to start over, Gaby finally feels like she can be the person she always wanted to be…

Meanwhile back home, when police find Gaby’s car burnt to ashes and presume she’s dead, Kyle launches his own investigation to find out what really happened to his wife. Kyle tells the police that his wife is mentally ill, and the voices in her head are born out of her schizophrenic mind.

Detective Isla Morany is a cop with her own demons to face—and she’ll stop at nothing to bring the truth to light!   

A mentally ill woman, or an abusive husband?

Besides the main character, Gaby. There is another female lead that I can’t wait for you all to meet: Detective Isla Morany. I never expected to fall in-love with this stubborn, irritating, know-it-all cop, but I totally did. I would love to know what you all think of her!

I also listened to some really great music whilst writing this manuscript. I’ll share my playlist with you during my release week.

My cover is in the process of being designed and should be revealed in early December, so stay tuned!

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A percentage of each book purchased will be donated to women’s causes in a bid to help support those suffering from domestic violence.



As I look back at who I was 5 years ago,  my life has drastically changed. Somewhere in the whirlwind of life; it is difficult to recognise the person I was then to who I am now. In the past 5 years alone, I have become a wife and a mother—my priorities are completely different. Since becoming a mother I am far more aware of current events; I pay close attention to the news wondering how it will impact my son. I have watched more Peppa Pig episodes than I can count!

People I considered friends are now strangers. People who were once strangers are now close friends. Long gone are the days when I used to commute on the daily rat run to and from London working at a job that didn’t satisfy my creative needs. I am darn proud to say that I published my debut novel.



So, where would I like to be in 5 years’ time?


Writing RoomStill Writing

When I was little, I knew that I loved to write, but now that I have published a book, I know it is something that I don’t just want to do. I need to do it. I love doing it. For me, there is no better job in the world than letting my imagination run wild. So in 5 years’ time, I would love to have written several novels…bestsellers of course!


Beach House

A Taste of Coastal Living

I love where I live now, but my husband and I have decided that we eventually want to live by the coast. We both love the sea, and I can’t think of a better place to hang out with my family and write. There is just something about the ocean that draws me in. I am at my creative best at the beach. I come away with a million ideas. (Check out my recent insta pics from my most recent day at the beach!)




There are so many places on my bucket list that I would love to travel to. Tahiti, Safari in Africa, Alaska, China, Ranch holiday in Texas, to name a few, and, Lapland (for the little one(s) of course! Travelling makes for great writing material. Just the other day during my visit to the beach with my family, I sat outside a convenience store with my dog and discovered two fantastic new characters for a novel that I am currently plotting. There are so many wonderful places around the world that I want to see. I especially love it when I find a hidden gem; a place that nobody has really heard of, a place that is not in your typical tourist area.




Nobody has a crystal ball—at least one that works. You don’t know what curveballs that life may through at you. But one thing is for sure I am going to try and make the best of it!

Dreaming Big with SukiImage:






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